Bunkhouse Investment

Looking to the future, property developer John Scott of John Scott Electrical and his business partner, Bunkhouse Builder and Project Manager, Peter Williams of Forestville, are almost ready to take advantage of the avalanche of visitors heading their way.

Glenn Power CR_BUNKHOUSE_ S P 1250
John Scott Electrical business partner, Bunkhouse Builder, Project Manager, Peter Williams of Forestville standing proudly outside Tailem Bend’s latest accommodation venture.

“It’s been a busy time trying to complete the Bunkhouse project in between all our other work. John and I would have liked to have had the Bunkhouse ready six months ago, but that wasn’t to be – we’re almost there now, and it’s looking good”, Peter said. “We’re so excited about what The Bend Motorsport Park will be bringing to our state and especially to our latest building project.”

With incomparable business opportunities heading to the region, Peter believes that businesses will be required to fill an assortment of requirements, from trades and landscaping, catering and cleaning to management, staffing, IT and of course accommodation.

“Our Bunkhouse offers large affordable, well appointed private rooms, shared bathroom, entertainment and kitchen facilities with ample parking for large motoring clubs”, Peter said. “We can’t wait to put the finishing touches on the Bunkhouse and start marketing our accommodation to motoring enthusiasts.

Glenn Power CR_BUNKHOUSE_ S 1254
John Scott and Peter Williams’s trades assistant, Gary Hall of Gawler, putting the final touches on one of the bathrooms prior to painting at Tailem Bend’s latest accommodation venture, the “Bunkhouse”

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