Murrayview Park Races to the Finish

With four holiday apartments completed and landscape design slowly sprouting, MurrayView Park’s owner builder, Lynton Piggott of Tailem Bend, is looking to the horizon as he enjoys the financial fruits of locked in long term occupancy.

GP P&PR S 0841
Lynton Piggott, Tailem Bend, is a local builder with more than 40 years experience in Coorong building projects, who is now investing in his own.

As The Bend Motorsport Park ramps up so does the need for accommodation in the district.

Local builder, Lynton Piggott of Tailem Bend, is latest in a string of Coorong developers who are very happy campers.

Motivated by years of travel experiences, working and roaming as far as Cairns to Broome, Lynton spent 12 sunny months working in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Esperance, Western Australia and MacKay, Queensland before coming home to Tailem with a dream.

“I’ve been a general builder in the district for well over 39 years, including a few working holidays thrown in between, but I always had a dream. I wanted a business lifestyle that suited my personality and my family interests – I also needed a good super fund for my retirement, so MurrayView Park was dreamt up,” Lynton said. “It’s slowly coming together, but I’ve had a lot of help along the way.”

Lynton enjoys meeting travellers, and the occasional tourist, but he knows there’s still a lot of hard work to be done to finish stage one of MurrayView Park.

“Balancing work commitments and my own project have been my greatest challenge,” Lynton said. “I just can’t wait to get everything in order so I can build MurrayView as I travel the world,” Lynton said with a smirk.

GP P&PR S 0837
Lynton Piggott believes that The Bend Motorsport Park is about to put the Coorong and Tailem Bend on the international entertainment map.

“And to think I can have all this and still enjoy all my wonderful family, friends and all the special people of the Coorong – you know, like people say, Tailem Bend is becoming the center of the universe,” Lynton laughed.

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