Count your chickens

 The consolidation of agriculture across Australia means that less people are, generally, employed in rural areas, particularly farming regions like the Coorong.

However, Inghams Poultry recently announced a $275m investment in new infrastructure to support growth in breeding, hatching and processing.  Three sites will be developed in the Murraylands, namely Monarto, Yumali and Murray Bridge.

It is predicted that Yumali will have 25 new direct jobs, the Murray Bridge Feedmill will produce four new direct jobs and the Murraylands Hatchery will provide none. There will, however, be around 400 jobs provided indirectly through transport and trades’. 

16 May 2016 Inghams plan to expand

The construction of the new breeder farm at Yumali will start in around September 2016 and will continue, in stages, for around ten (10) years as new farms are developed on the Yumali site.

Therefore, over the next 12 months demand for short term rental and possibly housing, in and around, the Yumali area is likely to increase.

Following construction there will be a range of new positions created to support the farm and this will add to demand for more permanent housing.

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