Accommodation demand grows at Wellington East

As the opening of The Bend Motorsport Park draws closer, Anna Bellon of Murray Bridge is turning her hand to property development, as the need for accommodation in the area increases.

With the high occupancy of her first Bed & Breakfast, Anna Bellon has launched herself into her two year business plan with three additional holiday lets being developed in Murray Bridge in 2017 and another planned for her much-loved Wellington in 2018.

Anna Bellon, investor, developer and entrepreneur of Murray Bridge relaxing on the deck of Brock’s Base – Wellington, Wellington Marina, South Australia.

“As all my family and friends know, I’m ecstatic about The Bend Motorsport Park opening and as I’ve always loved Wellington, especially the peacefulness of the river, when I saw number five pop up at Wellington East I had to have it for my first B&B – and I had to name it ‘Brock’s Base – Wellington’,” Anna said.

Set to be one of the regions tourism pearls, international and interstate visitors alike will find the lure of Wellington’s rich history and a short ferry trip to the wineries of Langhorne Creek terribly hard to resist.

Situated on the shore of Wellington Marina, Anna’s ‘Brock’s Base – Wellington’ guest book reveals her visitors feel welcome and at home in her B&B – which is understandable, given how comfortable and stylish the home is with three good size bedrooms, two bathrooms, water views and of course, its very own private jetty.

Private jetty at Brock's Base Wellington East, Coorong, South Australia

After eight years in sales with local radio station 5MU, Anna now freelances within her local business community as she develops her recently acquired subdivision for the emerging holiday rental market.

“I found my second development opportunity in Murray Bridge, just across from the Golf Course, it was a large block, just right for a three home subdivision. So I just need a road in and some basic infrastructure and we’re away again – three more holiday lets,” Anna grinned. “I’m having a ball, and I really enjoyed the demolition process.  My biggest challenges so far, have been liaising with neighbours and fencing issues, but I’m sure we’ll work it out.”

Anna is already looking forward to her second Wellington Marina build in 2018 and she hopes that once the dust settles she will be recognised and appreciated in the industry for a high end product offering exceptional value to holiday makers.

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