The Coorong is calling

Fabricator Welder by early morning – tourism operator by afternoon, Michael Batki of Robs Point squanders his spare time soaking up the serenity of his native gardens, bird watching and even kayaking, when the mood arises.

Owner Mik proudly standing next to Wren Cabin, one of two cabins snuggled sensitively amidst tranquil native gardens

Living on the inspiring and sometimes dramatic Coorong is a dream for most, but Michael has made his dreams come true – sharing his piece of paradise with visitors from near and far.

Situated off Seven Mile Road near Robs Point, Michael lives on site next to his two luxury Coorong Cabins (Wren Cabin and Pelican Cabin). Michael encourages his guests to relax, fish, bush walk, four-wheel drive and generally take in the magnificence of the Coorong, as well as it’s cultural history.

Pelican and Wren Cabins on the Coorong Lagoon

Surrounded by native birds in his award winning gardens, Coorong Cabins boast two deluxe cabins – with stylish alfresco dining and even a shared fire pit, boutique camp kitchen, a games room, bicycles, canoes and life jackets for all.

It’s been a long time coming, years of short holidays, picking out the good ideas and leaving the bad,” Michael said. “Coorong Cabins will be forever evolving – changing and improving with the seasons of this mystifying part of the world.”

“It’s been a lifelong dream come true – the gardens came first, I really enjoyed putting my design ideas and little touches into play,” Michael said. “The construction work was very rewarding and the design fits so well within the gardens.”

“I love the Coorong, it’s just a beautiful part of our planet and the feel in the Noonameena community is unbelievable – I’m now focusing on sitting back, enjoying and sharing what I have created.”

Overlooking the Lagoon, Coorong Cabins is the perfect place to stay and explore the natural beauty of the Coorong National Park.

The cabins are fully air-conditioned and come complete with combustion heaters and firewood, to ensure that your stay is comfortable, whatever the weather.

A sunset viewing deck at the front of the property, is the ideal place to relax and unwind with a glass of wine and take in the natural beauty of the lagoon.

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