A touch of paradise in Tailem Bend

Surrounded by the tranquillity of the River Murray and the quiet town of Tailem Bend sits Oriental Blend Bed and Breakfast.

A luxurious holiday home with a resort style finish, owners Cath and Evan Byles were inspired by their trips to Asia. Cath was particularly struck by the core social value of saving face by the people she met on her travels through Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Bali.

Cathy adding some finishing touches to their home

‘I really liked the general view that we should respect others and be mindful of keeping our reputation,’ says Cath, ‘Oriental Blend pays homage to that concept.’

Guests to Oriental Blend have loved the house that Cath has worked so hard to make modern and relaxing. Making guests feel “like being a millionaire for the day with everything the rich might enjoy” is something Cath and Evan are delighted to sustain.

‘After I supported my husband to set up our second SA Motorcycles store in Tailem Bend, we turned our attention to establishing a really respectable and somewhat lush accommodation in town,’ says Cath.

‘Tailem Bend is such a lovely and welcoming town with some of the most stunning natural environments in South Australia. There are so many things to experience in this part of the world – simple things, but very special ones because this place, Tailem Bend, makes you slow down. It makes you more mindful,’ Cath says.

So taken by the warm welcome of Tailem Bend residents since they opened Oriental Blend in 2015, followed by SA Motorcycles in 2016, Cath and Evan Byles are keen to expand their Bed and Breakfast venture.

‘The five year plan is to buy two more houses and transform them into accommodation,’ says Cath.

‘Our motorcycle shop, run by our daughter who lives here, is doing better than anticipated because there as so many farmers in the region needing our services. In the future, Evan and I will likely retire in Tailem Bend, run the Bed and Breakfasts and enjoy life in this budding town.’

Oriental Blend is a five bedroom home with views of the river featuring three timber deck areas for socialising: a BBQ area under a bamboo hut; dining area on the main deck; and a sunbed under the gazebo next to the Zen garden.

There is an eight ball table, electronic dart board, large modern kitchen with filtered water and ice dispenser, microwave, wine fridge, automatic coffee machine, dishwasher and much, much more.

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For more information on Orientl Belnd, visit www.oblend.com.au