Three generations of investment in Tailem Bend

The Hughes family has a long history of providing great customer service to the residents and visitors of Tailem Bend. In 1943, Jeff Hughes, who already owned the local deli, jumped at the opportunity to expand his business portfolio by purchasing the newsagency next door.

For three generations now, Jeff, Robert and Tony Hughes have successfully grown their business portfolio, which includes Hughes Newsagency, Rob Hughes Agencies, a grain supply company, a gas bottle refill service and a number of rental properties.

While Rob Hughes is now semi-retired, he continues to supply a gas bottle refill service to local homes while his son, Tony manages the businesses, including rental properties in Tailem Bend.

‘Buying property in Tailem Bend or renting use to be very cheap when my family began investing in the town. These days there is much more demand in Tailem Bend because of The Bend Motorsport Park being built that property values have increased significantly. I’ve seen a lot of changes in 20 years of operating the family businesses, and we’re going to see a lot more, but to be successful here you’ve got to be honest and friendly with your customers,’ says Tony.

Providing more than newspapers, magazines and stationary, Hughes Newsagency is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its customers.

Rob Hughes and his wife Kay took on the family business in 1977 and refitted the shop in 1984. The newsagency was transformed and the building was extended to include a space for video hire.

Tony Hughes returned to Tailem Bend at age 26 after working as a school teacher to join the family business.

20170920_Glenn Power_TONY_HUGHES_ S 7379 (2)
Tony working in the silo yards

‘I love living and working in Tailem Bend,’ says Tony, ‘but I also love just how close the town is to everything. An hour to the city, an hour to the beach and it is right by the river.’

It’s been over 70 years since the Hughes’ made their mark on Tailem Bend and as their business portfolio continues to grow, it looks like they could be here for many generations to come.

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